I love to support corporate go getters, action takers, creatives, manifesters and spiritual entrepreneurs like YOU to access your deep clarity, and overcome the stumbling blocks standing in your way, so you can pursue your You Only Live Once Life and Career and finally create the business or career transition you desire.
It is my intention to ensure you leave this session with a BREAKTHROUGH, including the opportunity to work with me more deeply.
In your session, you will discover EXACTLY the biggest blocks that stand in your way to create YOUR YOLO life, for FREE. 
To maximize the value you’ll receive from your YOLO 1-1 Action Breakthrough Call for Life & Biz, please answer all questions BELOW honestly and completely. Your answers are strictly confidential.
You will then be contacted to book your complimentary session if your request is approved. I hope it is!
With love and blessings,

Ying Han

Here's a peek on what clients say about our 

Transformational Work together


Financial ConsultantAdvisors' Clique//Executive Financial ConsultantGreat Eastern Financial Advisors

It's all about finding the right fit, the right champion to push you towardsyour goals, and who gets you. Ying Han was mine.
Ying Han worked with me to help me unearth my why, and also a very specific action plan. Its tempting to put things off for later, or after the session, but Ying Han made sure things were done there and then.While digging deeper could be uncomfortable at times (the truth hurts right), she ensured I wasn’t overwhelmed, and crafted a safe, comfort zone for me. It was, instead, empowering.


Singapore Top Food Blogger, Singapore Foodie

"Launched an app using ideas in our sessions, pushed my boundaries, and identify a revenue model!"
Sessions allowed me to focus on developing a business model for my blog. After our initial chat I felt that Ying Han connected with my enthusiasm and passion for what I'm trying to do with Singapore Foodie, and also appreciated the other elements of my life.If you're looking for coaching that is enthusiastic and passionate, and someone who will push you without being a tyrant, speak to Ying about coaching."


Founder, Hypesprout

"I've grown in so many ways that helps me, my family, team and customers, in a short period of time."
(Completed first launch with 1200+ new clients)
I wanted to get more clarity on how to use my strengths and personality to the fullest potential in my online business. I knew I had to become more confident in my capabilities and develop my skills to be a leader and inspire my team and customers.

I've grown in so many ways that helps me, my family, team and customers, because I feel I've changed a lot in a short period of time, for the better.
Thanks to the coaching support I've received, I'm getting closer to the freedom and success I want for myself and the inspiration I want to give to people I work with and the customers I serve.


CEO of Freedom Creations, addiction recovery private coaching and workshops

""...it's been more than 8 months; It's taken me beyond my goals."
(Created first business, ran first workshops, did first talks)
I decided to work with Ying Han because I really wanted my reality to be different.Ying was offering new hope, options, ideas and perspective. I had a sense of how I wanted to feel, live my life and career. Working with Ying meant that I gave that dream an opportunity to come to life.

Our work together has impacted me on all levels I would say. It's not only impacted my career. It's impacted my growth as a person. It's very clearly aligned up my life. I realized that I was creating a life and career was only one small part that fit into it. With that perspective, I realigned my values and who I was whilst to guide the trajectory of my business.

Thanks to the coaching support I've received, I can see myself clearly moving towards creating my first business. I see myself more clearly moving towards a routine and lifestyle that I love. I see myself moving towards a life I want to live.