Synchronistic Wealth for Liberated Leaders

With the rate of change happening in today's world, it's imperative for leadership to evolve FAST.

Out-changing the rate of change, innovating not only in leadership, product, company vision and management - we foster a New Wave of Liberated Leaders who are high performers both professionally and in their personal lives.

We do this through targeting initiating change & transformation on multiple levels.

Below you'll find a few pathways to an accelerated Synchronistic Wealth - a Liberated Leader's Journey.

Synchronistic Wealth Liberated Leaders Hani Cheng

Synchronistic Wealth Liberated Leaders Hani Cheng

A new normal calls you to step up in a new way. Not only embracing ALL of who you are, but also creating success with Ease and Flow. 

Breakthrough your glass ceiling to your Accelerated Wealth, Leadership and Health ---- and have fun and freedom along the way.

Results our Liberated Leaders have created include: 

-100x KPIs

- Recovering from post-partum depression 

- Creating 7 Figure Months 

- Quitting a name brand job, finding purpose and pivoting into dream job in 3 months

- Leading a team of 5 to success for the first time

We attribute our accelerated results for companies, schools and clients because of our Unique and Innovative approach to transformation.

Book in a call if you are committed to create a NEW way of doing things - and are willing to transform into infinite possibilities (grounded in reality!)

About Hani Cheng

International bestselling author, Speaker and Transformational Life & Business Innovation Coach.

Hani Cheng is a multi-cultural Bestselling Author of the You Only Live Once book and supports leaders, change makers, and impact driven entrepreneurs to build sustainable career and businesses so that they can contribute at their highest level - with Ease and Flow. She supports holistic transformations through strategy, personal growth and quantum acceleration (this is what makes her work powerfully unique).

Thousands of Liberated Leaders are across Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and USA.

The Synchronistic Wealth for LL Journey have been taught at Universities including Singapore Management University, Claremont Mckenna College and also shared with Chamber of Commerce’s, Lululemon, HER Global Network, Festivals, talks and private coaching.

The Synchronistic Wealth programs have been on 350+ media outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, and Forum of the Future.

Prior to coaching, she managed global digital marketing teams at Ogilvy & Mather. She also holds a Masters of Science degree in Innovation, is a Master NLP practitioner and has been a part of Stanford and Claremont Mckenna College.

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