Experience freedom, fun, fulfillment in your Creativity, Impact & Leadership

What if I told you there's a groundbreaking approach to unlocking your potential in life (sensual energy), leadership, and partnerships that defies conventional coaching? Get ready for a surprising revelation that will illuminate your next steps!

You want your next steps to be clear and exciting, you want your body to feel all the pleasure that you can, and you want every area of your life to be a 100% Yes!  Because you deserve it!

After running over 800 transformational ceremonies, retreats, programs at international healing festivals, business conferences, across 5 continents in the last 7 years, we've been described to "condense years of healing into experiences that reminds one of an ayahuasca journey" without actually ingesting its sour flavor 😉

Our Signature Your Unique Magnetic Momentum (YUMM) transformation programs holistically removes all psychological, energetic, strategic and emotional blockages from your field blocking your life of freedom, peace and fulfillment. Its innovative system combines breathwork, advanced meditation, consciousness, coaching and 33 other modalities. 

Our YUMM framework powerfully supports you to find the ultimate clarity within yourself - helping identify exactly what your heart and life desires in love, relationship, career, and beyond.

We remove every limiting thought process and support you in co-creating the power within yourself to face life’s challenges, and create the most aligned and liberating reality.

This means, you’ll experience profound shifts. Our approach is via the Liberated Leadership (similar to the concept of "Quantum Leadership") where a Leader's evolving internal consciousness state has a ripple effect onto the contributions of external positive impact in her/his teams and in the world.

Additionally, one of the fastest ways to shift consciousness, we've found, through thousands of coaching sessions with Liberated Leaders, is by diving into the area that holds the root wounds, core keys to healing - the place that creates the most creativity, most life (quite literally), and most individual energy.

With high awareness around consent, Conscious Liberated Leader's have an option to explore the transformation of their consciousness via multiple "fast tracks" (where transformation has the most impact on their inner and outer worlds):

In love, relationships and conscious sexuality: 
  • Identify what your true desires are within distressed relationships (even if you don’t have one yet) and learn how to communicate them with love & connection
  • Resolve triggers that send you in circles, so that you will never need to be victim to their gnarly grasp again!
  • Physiologically connect to your sexuality and sensuality to boost your relationships, income and wellbeing

In confidence & liberated leadership:
  • Connect to your intuition so every decision you make comes from a place of alignment, integrity, and power
  • Heal past experiences that held you back, and communicate your vision with your magnetism
  • Access a new level of creativity and problem solving skills to bring out win-win-win outcomes with yourself, your team, or your community
Synchronistic Wealth Liberated Leaders Hani Cheng

Synchronistic Wealth Liberated Leaders Hani Cheng

How is this different from other programs/modalities/work from other coaches/healers and offerings? 
Our methodology bypasses analysis and stories and guides you straight to your Truth. This means that there’s an unequivocal confidence you gain from it, which creates profound clarity. 
After gaining the clarity, we remove fear, uncertainty and doubt that prevent you from taking that truth into your reality.

This YUMM integration process allows your world to reflect the changes you made internally - so you can celebrate the new people you attract into your life, feel the new enthusiasm that dances your veins, or become aware of the tension in your heart when triggered - and apply the tools to change it mid sentence.

You'll benefit from this if you're:
Not afraid of facing self limitations and choosing to grow!
Ready to love (deeper) - this means you’re ready to face the possibility of creating the most delightful and healthy relationships ( and receive tools of communication and creation!) 

Ready to receive support to uncover your most liberated self and consciously express your life force, creativity through connecting with your innate sexuality ( and receive the healing and encouragement on a cellular level) 

Ready to create positive impact and mobilize the troops for a vision that truly enlivens you (no matter how small or big)

Ready for inner work, such as forgiveness, accurate pacing (so your nervous system feels safe), and love!
And, if you're extra ambitious, this means you're not afraid of MEGA transformation - the kind that catapults you into new spheres of attraction. This means the people you interact with, the projects you get introduced to, the way you connect with your teams and daily life will change dramatically - to match the evolution that you

What is your focus? Leadership or sexuality? 
We approach leadership from an embodied perspective - meaning that leadership is the result of an integrated sexuality and sensuality. Its organic nature is created through alignment and integrity within - and that can be done painlessly with speed - with our YUMM tools if you choose to! 

Ah, we can’t wait to watch you create everything that you’re here to do. 

About Hani Cheng

International bestselling author, Speaker and Transformational Life & Business Innovation Coach.

Hani Cheng is a multi-cultural Bestselling Author of the You Only Live Once book and supports leaders, change makers, and impact driven entrepreneurs to build sustainable career and businesses so that they can contribute at their highest level - with Ease and Flow. She supports holistic transformations through strategy, personal growth and quantum acceleration (this is what makes her work powerfully unique).

Thousands of Liberated Leaders are across Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and USA.

The Synchronistic Wealth for LL Journey have been taught at Universities including Singapore Management University, Claremont Mckenna College and also shared with Chamber of Commerce’s, Lululemon, HER Global Network, Festivals, talks and private coaching.

The Synchronistic Wealth programs have been on 350+ media outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, and Forum of the Future.

Prior to coaching, she managed global digital marketing teams at Ogilvy & Mather. She also holds a Masters of Science degree in Innovation, is a Master NLP practitioner and has been a part of Stanford and Claremont Mckenna College.

 VideosIg: ying.muse

Youtube (with 450+): http://www.youtube.com/flamingurl1

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