"Launched an app using ideas in our sessions, pushed my boundaries, and identify a revenue model!"

Sessions allowed me to focus on developing a business model for my blog. After our initial chat I felt that Ying Han connected with my enthusiasm and passion for what I'm trying to do with Singapore Foodie, and also appreciated the other elements of my life.

If you're looking for  coaching that is enthusiastic and passionate, and someone who will push you without being a tyrant, speak to Ying about coaching."

VICTORIA MILNER, Singapore Top Food Blogger

Singapore Foodie

"8 clients in 2 weeks!!! Made my first 12k month - and now a plan to make $20k-$30k"

Since working with Ying Han, I've revised my business plan, gotten crystal clear on my mission, created 8 clients in two weeks and attracted 7 people to help me with the business in 5 minutes with 1 Facebook post (that I had to take that request down)! All of this was inaccessible before.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany... I rekined my passion for music and made my first 12k month!

ETHAN SEOW, Founder Salon Du Sens

Musician // Co-founder Tribeness

Business & Life Innovation Coaching and Consulting

Thanks for checking us out! What are you looking for in your business & life right now? We are happy to connect with you personally to see how we can support your vision & strategies. If you're looking for a coach right now or have questions on our full offerings - please leave us a message and our team will get back to you. 

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