One of the most fun and complex decisions you can make is nailing down who your YOLO client is. In this section, we’ll get connected and learn how to get clients.

Identifying your YOLO clients will:

•Allow you to speak directly to them and allow your ideal clients to find you more easily

•Allow you to be more specialized in your offer to solve their specific issues and charge higher prices

•Allow others to refer you more easily (the more unique your YOLO client is, the more you stand out and are memorable)

How To Get Clients 

Nevertheless, it is okay to switch and continuously narrow your segment of audience (niche) and it is not uncommon for people to go through multiple “niche switches” until they find the right fit with their offerings and clients.

Step 1: Identify Who/What Lights You Up The Most

There are many ways you can go about identifying your target niche, and it all comes down to what lights you up the most (which you’ll be intrinsically inspired to stick with the longest)

Pick one of these: 

A.Inspiration: who inspires you the most?

B. A problem you feel CALLED to solve 

C. A big, urgent problem you just can’t stop thinking about 

Ultimately, it’s okay not to choose. It’s okay to spend the next couple of years interacting with different groups of people and see who you really enjoy. But again, getting an idea in the early stages of who you’d like to contribute to (or recalibrating if your current clientele no longer lights you up) will assist your confidence, motivation, and profitability.

Step 2: Capitalize On Your YOLO Strengths

What would it take to share your skills with more people while bringing you a life of more freedom, fun, connection, and abundance?

•What personal or professional challenges have you gone through that you would like to support others in?

•Why do people come to you? What do they naturally seek your advice on? 

If this is your first business, you will take the next six months to hone your muscles as an entrepreneur and learn valuable skills to execute your ideas.

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur and find that the customers you’re serving are no longer inspiring you, you can consider honing in and better serving the clients who are raving fans of yours already, or finding out how you can better serve the ones you love working with.

Step 3: Engage And Get Feedback From Your YOLO Client!

Just like dating, the more clients you have, the clearer you are about what you want and what you don’t want, who you love working with and who you can provide the most results for.

The beauty about doing this exercise is training your mind to focus on the qualities, characteristics, and nature of your YOLO clients.

Business and work is about relationships, right? The more you place your attention on what you do want, the more it shows up. (And the opposite is true too: the more you complain about what you don’t want, the more the complaints bring up similar incidents.)

As an entrepreneur, once you have identified who your YOLO client is, stick with it for a product launch. See the response and feedback before moving on. In the next section we will identify what your YOLO offer is.

If you haven’t made your YOLO client list yet, I highly recommend going back and jotting that down, as this will seamlessly lead to the next section where you’ll be creating offers or projects to involve your favorite YOLO clients! 


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About the Author

After self healing from a 15 year battle with a disease, Hani has distilled the most important learnings into a multi-cultural Bestselling Author of the You Only Live Once book and now, with her team, supports leaders, change makers, and impact driven entrepreneurs to build sustainable career and businesses so that they can contribute at their highest level. She supports holistic transformations through strategy, personal growth and practical spirituality (mindfulness). The YUMMY Team’s clients span USA, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. They are sought after by clients and partners like Singapore Management University, Chamber of Commerce’s, Lululemon, HER Global Network, Festivals, talks and private coaching. The YOLO programs have spread across 350+ media outlets including ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, and Forum of the Future. Prior to coaching, Hani managed global digital marketing teams at Ogilvy & Mather. She also holds a Masters of Science degree in Innovation, is a Master NLP practitioner and has been a part of Stanford and Claremont Mckenna College.

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