Can 90mins really replace a life pressured by uncertainty and anxiety to leading your people with clarity,  positivity, and cohesion?

In this 90-minute session, you will learn how to…

  • Breakthrough your biggest time-sucking block to sanity and sense of self.

  • The signature YUMMY framework on how to end your suffering and create space and the time to cultivate confidence and abolish your uncertainty while making the money you deserve.

  • The top ways on how to leverage the effectiveness of the Matrix Quantum healing, subconscious belief healing, hypnosis, shamanic work, energy work, timeline healing, Somatic healing and other incredible modalities to support 360 degrees inside-out transformation.

Liberated Leadership Multi-Dimensional Success Breakthrough Activations Online For Leaders

July 22 - WED


July 23 - THU
Matrix Session (Healing)
Fee: $333


July 24 - FRI

“After I started working with Ying Han, I realized I had started this at the right time, when I needed the motivation, confidence, and clarity to tackle important decisions in my business and life.”
-Kenny Kolijin, Founder of Hypesprout //

As an international speaker, author and mentor, Hani founded the Liberated Leadership Program, helping high achievers, entrepreneurs and visionary corporate leaders to experience breakthroughs and multi-dimensional success - from sensuality to voice, careers, and money.

The LL Program marries strategies of business, career and life, with profound personal healing – including quantum healing, spirituality, unconscious mind work, shamanic journeys and breath work.  In her bestselling book You Only Live Once, Hani shares her 15 year quest for self-healing through extensive study of multiple modalities, augmented by insights gained from her masters degree in Innovation, Marketing, and Business.

Her team supports thousands of visionary leaders, difference-makers, and impact-driven entrepreneurs to build fulfilling careers and businesses so they can contribute and lead at their highest level – with courage, authenticity and flow.

30,000+ community members and clients span the USA, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Hani’s “Your Unique Magnetic Money Momentum” (YUMMY Framework), helps leaders transform their strengths to maximize their impact, and magnetically attract ideal clients. It has been seen on 300+ media outlets.

She has taught at 80+ events including international festivals, conferences, chambers of  commerce, as well as Singapore Management University, Lululemon, and HER Global Network.

This Is What Our Past Students Say About Our Events:

“I was lost and confused. I knew I wanted more than a 9-5. I knew I wanted something that lit me up, fired up the passion and drive I knew I had's been more than 8 months [with Ying Han]; It's taken me beyond my goals. (Created first business, ran first workshops, did first talks)” -Mehek Gidwani, CEO of Freedom Creations // ig: mehekg

“I learned how to uncover the root of my stress and how to reduce them at work … One technique was particularly creative to help me compartmentalize the clutter of old fears and worries, freeing up my mind to make better decisions faster” -Christer Erikkson, Regional Managing Director //

“I have clarified the key pillars in my life, separating out work from other priorities. I've launched an app... I've pushed the boundaries of what I'm comfortable with” -Victoria Milner, Singapore Top Food Blogger //

“Our work together has impacted me/my life/my business by making me pay more attention to happiness.” - Lucy Chen, education experimenter //

“Who would think I could actually feel excited about writing a business plan? Somehow Hani Chenghas made me excited rather than intensely dreading it.” -Kate Pavlacka, Bodyworker Elite Massage and Craniosacral Therapy

“After I started working with Hani, I realized more perspectives, more connection with my emotions, courage to act based on intuition.” -Eunice Su-Ai

“Definitely recommended for anyone seeking to identify their core passions to create the fulfilling life we deserve!” -Lin Mingli, Director of Updog Studio //

“Ying Han worked with me to help me unearth my why, and also a very specific action plan.” -Cassandra Leong, Financial Consultant Advisors' Clique // Executive Financial Consultant Great Eastern Financial Advisors //

“Ying Han is an expert at clear communication and that helps me find the right tools when working with myself” - Maria Grzywacz, Co-Founder of WOMB //

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