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HANI CHENG : Quantum Business Consultant

11: Quantum Prosperity Blueprint & Hani's Story


HANI CHENG : Quantum Business Consultant

11.1: Quantum Prosperity Blueprint

HANI CHENG : Quantum Business Consultant

11.2: Quantum Prosperity Blueprint: Initiation of your Blueprint Seed, Deep Inner Healing of Block, Reinforcement of Prosperity Light Structures

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About Your Author

Hani is the founder of the Liberated Leadership Synchronistic Wealth Program, an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Mentor and Breakthrough Expert for high achievers, entrepreneurs and visionary corporate teams who want to experience multi-dimensional success.

Her programs marry business, career and life strategies with quantum information healing, spirituality, unconscious mind shifts, shamanic journeys and breathwork. Hani combined her 15 years of extensive multiple modality self healing with her Masters of Innovation, Marketing, Business experience in a Bestselling You Only Live Once book. 

Her team supports thousands of co founders, visionary leaders, investors, and impact-driven teams to build fulfilling career and businesses so that they can contribute and lead at their highest level – with courage, authenticity and flow. 

Her programs host leaders from USA, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Her Your Unique Magnetic Money Momentum (YUMMY Framework), helps leaders exemplify their unique strengths into prosperity that serves humanity without burnout. This unique combination has been seen on 300+ media outlets including CNN, FOX, ABC.

She has also taught classes at Claremont Mckenna College, Singapore Management University, Financial Corporations, Silicon Valley, Chamber of Commerce’s, Lululemon, HER Global Network, International Festivals and Conferences.

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