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Ying Han Cheng

International bestselling author, Speaker And Transformational Life & Business Innovation Coach.

Ying Han Cheng is a multi-cultural Bestselling Author of the YOLO book and founder of YOLO Close the Gap Program.

Growing up internationally and as a third cultured kid, she integrates her multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary awareness when coaching on topics including Identity and Purpose. With Ying Han's multi-cultural background, wide range of tools, and creative neuro-coaching techniques, she has helped leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers to reach their highest potential.

"Ying Han is one of the best speakers in Singapore!"

- Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach Asia Coaching Training

Clients Ying Han Has Worked With

HER Global Network Hong Kong

The Garden Gathering Hong Kong

Wonder Fruit Festival Thailand

Swedish Chamber Of Commerce In Hong Kong

Singapore Management University

Enhale Meditation Studio

"Honest and refreshing on how to create more value into your life!"

I've listened to MANY seminars in my life and Ying Han's is unique because how she delivers it, with her charisma, honesty and positive energy.The thing that's still stuck in my brain is about the obstacles to reach your goal.


If you want to hear something honest and refreshing on how to create more value into your life, go to a seminar with Ying Han. Note to self; be open! 🙂

Sofia Wigholm

HER Global Network Leader, Property Consultant 

"I was impressed"


 I loved that Ying Han's presentation contained client stories, passion, results, and fun on the stage. I was impressed by her knowledge on the subject and the results she's produced."

Viktoria Tei-nikoghosyan
Consultant Live in Harmony with Viktoria Ter-Nikoghosyan (

Watch Ying Han In Action

Forum To The Future: 

3 Practical Steps to Peak Performance


"Ying Han is YOLO!"

During her talk, she was absolutely her sweet and powerful self, which was compelling and inspiring to witness.
- Sophia Apostol, Body Confidence Coach Sophia Apostol Coaching

"I LOVED Ying Han's vibrancy, and she supplied wonderful client examples!"

Her system makes it seem magical and easy. 
- Julianna Ricci
, Author and High Impact Coach J. Ricci Energy

Unique & Innovative Speaking Topics That Ying Han Offers

Explore how to turn your IDEAL Lifestyles into Reality - From an emotional, mental, and practical standpoint!

Lifestyle Innovation - You Only Live Once (YOLO)

If you are in business, a working professional, or simply interested in a life of Freedom, Fun and Inspired Connections, this workshop is for you!

Make Your Big Impact: Aligning Your Passions with Ambition

Discover the powerful process to create a lifestyle centered around turning a passion into a sustainable business.

Forum for the Future: 3 Practical Steps to Peak Performance

Uncover your innate ability to achieve peak performance within these 3 simple and practical steps.

People were loving her speeches & workshops

"Words of wisdom, from one who knows."

Ying Han is amazing! Her presentation produced excitement, clarity, and was awe - inspiring. 
The work she is doing is such a gift to the world!
- Molly Mandelberg, Tech Savvy Strategist & Creation Coach Wild Hearts Rise Up

"Ying Han's energy and enthusiasm made the presentation awesome." 

Ying Han is so compelling!
- Sara Hart, Founder Sign of Enough with Sara Hart

"Ying Han's presentation possessed a lot of creativity, power, and light."

She showcased a clear idea of the spiritual side of money and work.
- Patricia Hartasanchez, Directora Neogaia, A.C.

"Ying Han's presentation possessed a lot of creativity, power, and light."

She had a great story and I could feel her energy, playfulness, and passion.
- Minette Riordan, Founder Minette Riordan, Ph.D. Coach, Author, Speaker

"Ying Han is passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, and engaging."

She introduced me to the exciting potentials of seeing business through lens of fun .

- Brett Rhodes, Professional Coach Brett C Rhodes LSCW

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